Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another attempt?

Yes, this does probably sound like a broken record, but here it goes again! C started 1st grade a couple weeks ago and O started 5 day 4's right after Labor Day. He is beyond excited to start kindergarten next year. After school activities started full on last week. Now we are on the go almost every afternoon. Everyone else seems to love this staying busy all the time except me. They are obviously M's children.

Pinterest has become my new addiction. Have been staying busy with trips to Ikea, Michael's, Home Depot and more. Will try to post at least once a week with an update of a project/recipe/something that is Pinterest inspired. Maybe will even have a picture or something to show you my uncrafty epic fail!

Kid stories of the day -

After dropping C at her piano lesson O and I went for a walk around the college campus where she is taking. As soon as we walked out the door O spotted the largest, brightest green caterpillar I have ever seen. After examining for a moment (and spotting a second one) we began to walk away. I stated that I wondered where they came from and O matter of factly told me "God, because the whole world is his."

Walking out of piano C had a huge smile and I asked if she "liked piano". She responded she "loves piano". When we got home - not even 5 minutes later - I asked if she could play her new song (Happy Birthday) once for me. Her very quick reply, "NO. I want to do something else."

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